Brand Development

At Brand Relations, we live, eat & breathe branding. We understand the importance of having the right branding & messaging behind your product. After launching and developing over 100 brands… we know what we are doing.

Whenever a new project is presented to us, we extensively research the market worldwide and establish your products positioning to make sure it’s timely, innovative and creative. Excellent Branding that stands out amongst the white noise of the food & drink industry. Everything is important down to the meaning of colour ways, patterns and logos, we will make your product influential and adaptable to any future trends and clearly communicate to your target audience.

For us, before we start any project; we must feel the concept has a strong chance of success and fits our ethos of healthy, innovative and natural or… we won’t consider it.

We will also be transparent from start to finish using a combination of our expertise and your ideas to bring your product to life.


Before we begin any project, we always create a detailed research and analysis on what has been done so far in the current specific market.

This will give you a competitive arena analysis to understand competitors pricing, messaging and target consumers. Once analysed we can create a clear positioning of your product on the market. Brand Relations will be sure to complete world-wide research to understand what has been successful and what has failed in this category and why.

This research will give the brand a point of difference to the ones who have gone before. Whenever we market research, we will pick up on new trends or insights from current global influences or trends and from this, we will be able to create a product which is timely and adaptable to hurdles or consumers demands in the future.


Brand Relations will provide designs for extra material to match the overall brand. These include POS displays, presentation boxes and e-material. These are fundamental for continuing success of the brand.

We have found that presentation boxes are the first impression a buyer will get of the brand, so we will ensure they fit with the brand perfectly. They will be created to look like a gift packed full of lots of information on the product.

We will also provide you with all the marketing artwork, that will explain the brand concept to both the buyer and the consumer. We will do a full handover of all design and relevant material at the end of the process, so you are able to continually progress and support the brand after the launch.


Initially, we will create a mood board presentation showcasing various designs on the market as well as current trends and concepts based on your brief. Once you have made your choice from our provided mood boards, we will explore logo designs and colour palettes that complement the product.

We will progress your feedback to create striking packaging designs and create a strong brand image that will give it a Point of Difference amongst the mass on the market. We will explore as many design outcomes as possible and ensure it looks professional- even producing mock-up’s both virtually and physically.

We find that this will enable us to get initial content for marketing material and get a great feel for how the brand will look. The final design must represent the true core messaging of the brand to your target audience


We have come up with some excellent names for the brands we have worked with, ensuring they are unique, resonate with the target audience and can be trademarked. Before we share our names choices with you, we will research the product and the history behind it to generate timely and unique name choices different to anything else currently existing.

We will collate the names brainstormed and put them into an informative presentation that will have all the possible names and meanings to demonstrate the brands image and core message. We will explain why we chose those names and what influenced the ideology behind it as we feel the name must reflect the brand’s concept.

Brand Relations will combine your ideas and ours founded from research to create a name that will be rigorously tested through the UK’s Government’s IPO portal. We will try our best to ensure that the brand name is 100% free to use on your product before any decision is made but any final checks are the final responsibility of the client.

Brand Relations combines industry knowledge with a unique network, Product Development, Marketing & Digital Expertise – all under one roof.
Our Work


We initially met Brand Relations at the awards night in Dubai, they saw our Hummus and fell in love with the concept. Knowing the International Market they felt a more European approach to the branding would improve sales, the results were amazing and now we export our brand all over the World, it has been an amazing journey and we are so glad that we had Brand Relations on board to help us.

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Wild Leaf

Inspired by flavours of Africa, Wild Leaf is a range of premium craft mixers containing nothing artificial and with no sweeteners. Infused with Wormwood and Quassia botanicals to provide a unique flavour profile, Wild Leaf brings a twist of North Africa to any alcoholic beverage without the compromise on flavour or health.

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Brand Relations was approached by the client to develop a drink that could be successful in the UK market. With no brief just the funding to develop the brand, after several months of research we decided that the biggest opportunity was in Collagen Drinks, Zero Sugar and based on Moringa Tea.

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Afria is a refreshing blend of fruits and Bitters inspired by the Nigerian Chapman cocktail. The Chapman is a renowned celebratory drink which originated from Lagos, Nigeria in the 1930’s. Chapman is certainly a drink for the sweet palette, but we understand the importance of healthy options for both alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers. We have adapted this traditional drink into a healthier alternative by combining natural fruit juices, stevia and bitters to achieve a balanced level of sweetness. A-Free-Ah any preservatives or nasties, this refreshing natural mix with Spring Water is a perfect alternative for alcohol any occasion and will transport your taste buds to West Africa where the original Chapman was founded. Afria is Chapman at its best!

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Our Clients

We’ve launched more than 100 brands since 2007.  Check out some of the fantastic clients we have brought to the UK and International Markets.