Marketing Campaigns

Whenever we launch a new product, we ensure we understand the product positioning and the market it will be sold into before anything else. We extensively research the competitive products to your brand in the market- whether that be in the food, drink, or snack market. To ensure we get it right, we create a market analysis and market trends guide for your product to understand consumer behaviour and what they want to see from a new product launch- may this be down to pricing or messaging, but also to insure your branding & messaging is clear to your audience

Our CRM covers the whole UK market of over 5000 buyers, from supermarkets to convenience, travel, contract catering, health, fitness, restaurant, hotels, nightclubs, bars, coffee chains & cafes, universities, events & festivals, vending to include all of their wholesalers & our well researched international database of Distributors around the World that we have met at International exhibitions

After 12 years and over 100 brands we know exactly what will sell and where so based on this we will draw up a specifically tailored target list of buyers at retailers and wholesalers that we feel confident will be interested in your brand. Once we have a strong understanding about the market surrounding your product, we begin to create our market launch plan to ensure your product is on trend; fills a niche and is competitive from the very beginning.


Our in-house designers and marketers will work to create sample boxes that make your brand look like a beautifully presented gift; it will align with your brand story, product benefits, and package design to create a strong brand image.

We have found that plain cardboard boxes, SRPs and plastic bags will get your product unnoticed and out of favour from the buyer. Within this sample box, we will also create a brochure that features information on your product, pricing, and anything else that your brand may need to ensure a positive in person impression.

Remember buyers are consumers too and first impressions are the most important ones, so we try to make it the best possible


Once you have established your brand and started the success of your products journey, there will be a time when the second run of production will loom, and you will be needing investment.

The second production run is always larger and more expensive than the first run which unfortunately requires more funding to support this.

Our years within this industry have allowed us to understand what entrepreneurs look for when wanting to put their money into new businesses- they want something which caters for a timely and modern market that will bring them a good future return.

It can be daunting to know where to start when having to collate this type of presentation and what you can offer than other brands cannot; that’s why we’re here to help. We will create an investment deck which will be specifically tailored to your product supported with factual and informative data to highlight your supply for the demand.

Similar to initial market research, this document will showcase all of your success since launch, your brands journey and why you are worth the investment to get the second production run in motion.


Our designers will create an eye-catching and informational e-flyer to show off your product’s unique features, tastes, and benefits. Our database has over 5000 buyers in the UK and 1000 buyers internationally meaning we will be the first to show them all your unique selling points and information they receive on your brand. We work to ensure that the brand and product’s message from the e-flyer extends all the way to POS development and any design work aligns with future informational pieces concerning your product.

We also will use the e-flyer as a base to create social media content that will start a buzz amongst the masses to connect with your product. Once the initial foundation of your social media has been built, we will hand over to you. We will help you start to create a buzz around your product and connect with people you’d like to work with. Because of our reputation & history of only marketing innovative, healthy products with a strong chance of success buyers look out for our eflyers and therefore a large percentage open and read the eflyer


We will ensure you are kept up to date every step of the way by compiling all the information we collate into a live Google, so you have transparency on everything that happens. On this document you will see:

  • Brand Positioning on the market
  • Competitors
  • Potential clients and consumers
  • Responses from wholesalers and buyers (good or bad)
  • Sent out sample packages

… exactly what feedback the market, buyers and wholesalers have to say about your product- good or bad. Upon completion of working with you all assets and reports will be handed over to you as well as the ongoing leads from buyers.

Our Clients

We’ve launched more than 100 brands since 2007.  Check out some of the fantastic clients we have brought to the UK and International Markets.