Product Development

Being in business since 2007, we understand that the production is a daunting process that requires experience, extensive knowledge and trusting contacts to make the perfect product.

Fortunately after having been behind over 100 brands and many years within this field; we have been able to perfect a timely process of managing new start-up brands to make their dreams a reality with as little stress and cost as possible. We deal with a vast supplier network of ingredient companies- we will get you the best quality ingredients for the best value.

Our good relationships with all components of the supply chain will help ensure every aspect of the drink from certifications and co-packers will be taken care of, to the highest standard at the best affordable price.


At Brand Relations, we only develop products that are natural, innovative with a great refreshing taste. Being in business for many years means we know what sells in today’s market.

That is why we will ensure it has a unique flavouring through research in future taste trends to make sure your recipe is supplying the demand for years to come. It will be innovative and diverse to the market by introducing a flavour pairing that will fill the researched desired gap in the drinks market and compliment the ingredients.

From our input and research, a detailed brief will be curated for our recipe developer with an idea of what flavours to work with. The flavours must resonate with the target audience, be on trend and match the ethos of the brand.

Our recipe developer will make samples that will be shipped direct to you or we can taste together with the team in the office. Working in tandem with Brand Relations, we will refine the product until we have the final flavour perfected.

The chosen ingredients will be checked with Novel Foods by us to guarantee its eligibility in the UK/EU market to ensure we get it 100% right before production commences.


At Brand Relations, our relationships with all components of the supply chain will help ensure every aspect of the drink from certifications and co-packers will be taken care of, to the highest standard at the best affordable price.

Before we start any process, we strategically analyse the individual requirements of the drink to ensure we can utilise the correct contract manufacturer for the job. Whatever suggested contract manufacturer you choose, we always thoroughly checked through various communications to make sure that they can fill the requirements.

To add to this choice of co-packer, they too must have a variety of suitable packaging options, which can be difficult down to the individual brief of the drink.


  1. Researching a breadth of ingredient suppliers to find the best prices on the market.
  2. Ensuring all ingredients arrive on time for production.
  3. Dealing with the co-packers. Any choice of Co-Packer must have a variety of suitable packaging options ranging from glass to PET, Cans or Tetra Pak.
  4. Ensuring the co-packer understands the full requirements. Transparency and good communication with the packer will mean that everything will go as smoothly as possible to produce the exact recipe requested
  5. Arranging for the correct printing of the packaging or the sleeves.
  6. If required we can arrange for sleeving to be completed at a range of companies if this isn’t in house at the co-packer.
  7. Helping with shipping and guidance to the UK.

Brand Relations combines industry knowledge with a unique network, Product Development, Marketing & Digital Expertise – all under one roof.
Our Work

Ibiza Ice

Ibiza ice was the brainchild of the MD of Brand Relations Richard Horwell, after spotting an opportunity for a wine spritzer utilising the aluminium bottles, for the beach, pool, festival events market.

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Brand Relations was approached by the client to develop a drink that could be successful in the UK market. With no brief just the funding to develop the brand, after several months of research we decided that the biggest opportunity was in Collagen Drinks, Zero Sugar and based on Moringa Tea.

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This was more of a rebranding as the clients had developed a drink based on juice in a glass bottle but this wasn’t getting any traction. Brand Relations completely redeveloped the recipe to be lighter and more refreshing, then adapted the concept to a can giving more of a Craft beer look to a soft drink.

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When two Chemists Roy and Nas began working with eachother, they discussed the amazing benefits of Stinging Nettles and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t in a readily available drink. Together with the help of Brand Relations, the pair decided to develop the FIRST EVER Nettle infused spring water called Emunity blended with other healthy ingredients and sweetened to taste; a recipe that brings an ancient yet successful remedy into the 21st Century at only 53kCal a can. Containing nothing artificial and low in sugar, it’s a refreshing daily defence for the body without the hassle.

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Our Clients

We’ve launched more than 100 brands since 2007.  Check out some of the fantastic clients we have brought to the UK and International Markets.